Gerhard Stamm Dies Unexpectedly in PNG

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Last Wednesday, July 3, 2019, longtime LM missionary Gerhard Stamm while on ministry in the Papua New Guinea bush, slipped and fell, shortly thereafter dying. LM Mission Director Martin Auch, along with relatives of Gerhard went to Papua New Guinea to support his wife of many years, Brigitte, participate in memorials, and make arrangements.

All of us in the LMI community are deeply shocked and saddened by this tragic event and we thank you for all your ongoing companionship in prayer.

At: you will find a comprehensive picture and video review of the life and work of Gerhard Stamm (in German but many browsers will translate if you choose that option). This page is regularly updated with more up-to-date information. For words of sympathy, the condolence book can also be used there.

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