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Job Title:                     Chancellor of Religion/Director of Ministry Operations

Reports to:                 Chief Executive Officer

Position Status:          Full‐Time (40 hours/week), Permanent – Projected to start on September 1, 2020

Job Location:              Moffat, Ontario with travel across Canada plus some overseas travel required


The role of the Chancellor of Religion/Director of Ministry Operations (“DMO”) is a professional pastoral and leadership role within Lie­ben­zell Mission of Canada (“LMC”). The DMO will work alongside the LMC CEO in overseeing the ad­min­istrative and financial operations of LMC, in promoting the spiritual and ministry operations as well as the direc­tion of LMC. The DMO will have a firm grasp on the purpose, values and strategy of LMC and have the ability to align ordained and lay staff with its mission. The DMO will offer pastoral leader­ship, including leading prayers, conducting religious services, delivering sermons, and admin­ister­ing religious rites to LMC’s affiliated congregations. The DMO will provide spiritual and moral guidance to LMC clergy and staff, and will work with the CEO to ensure that the systems, practices, and policies of LMC responsi­bly and effectively support its ministry activities in and from Canada, including LMC’s humanitarian endeavours and delivery of social services, particularly to refugees and other immigrants.

Educational and Language Requirements:

Completion of a masters of divinity or theology followed by a period of study with a senior minister. A high level of proficiency in English is required. German and Bengali (Bangla) proficiencies are highly desirable.

Preaching and teaching: The DMO will be the primary teaching pastor and preacher for LMC worship services, preferably in both English and German. The DMO also will provide leadership in planning and executing theological education programs and other programs in discipleship, missionary work, and ministry training, in coordination with other ordained and lay staff.

Leadership in LMC’s Bangla ministry in Canada: LMC has developed ministries over the past 20 years with immigrants to Canada from Bangladesh. The DMO will lead key aspects of this ministry in the Greater Toronto Area and the Guelph-Kitchener-Waterloo Area, preferably in both English and Bengali (Bangla).

Strategic leadership and planning: The DMO is responsible for the spiritual aspects of LMC’s strategic planning and staff coordination in the execution of the mission’s charitable purposes. The DMO will define strategic spiritual goals and vision as a key leader in the LMC Senior Management Team and will implement the plan by:

Coordinating/leading monthly meetings and other activities to clarify and execute spiritual goals and objectives.

Monitoring the spiritual pulse of the organization through review and accountability.

Advising the CEO on staffing, facilities and programs so that they are effectively aligned to meet strategic and/or spiritual goals.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

Staff supervision and development: The DMO serves as director to ordained staff (including mission­aries), and leads, evaluates, and mentors them in their respective areas of ministry by:

Overseeing ordained staff (including missionaries) training and development.

Hiring and dismissing of ordained staff after consultation with the CEO.

Providing spiritual and practical leadership to the ordained staff (including missionaries) in the design and implementation of key mission ministries.

Working with the CEO to implement salary reviews and recommendations.

Maintaining efficient and effective lines of communication between LMC and its supporters.

Administration: The DMO assists the CEO in the administration and financial operation of LMC through appropriate staff and lay leadership teams, and ensures the completion of ministry, business, facility, and logistical support functions through ordained staff and lay volunteers. The DMO must:

Oversee the spiritual care needs of the congregation and, as necessary, share with other ordained ministers in hospital visitation, home visits, counseling, marriages and funerals.

Oversee development of and adherence to LMC policies and procedures.

Help in expanding the support base of LMC, particularly among those of German heritage.

Recruit new missionaries to join LMC from across Canada.

Represent LMC to the Christian community across Canada as a guest preacher and at conferences such as the annual Missions Fests.

Represent LMC on various teams, committees, and councils of Liebenzell Mission International (“LMI”) as requested by LMI and/or the LMC CEO.

When invited, the DMO will provide consultation services on ministry and missionary-related matters to government and other interested organizations.

Support Raising, evaluation and compensation: As with many missionary organizations, LMC requires that the DMO raise support for their ministry in accordance with guidelines as set by the Canada Revenue Agency Charities Division. The DMO will file quarterly reports to the CEO on support levels, ministry accomplish­ments, and activities. Depending on qualifications and experience the starting salary range will be between $60,000 and $70,000 per annum and also includes coverage under LMC’s group benefit plan which has life, accident, disability, health, and dental coverage (but no pension benefits). The CEO will conduct annually a performance evaluation of the DMO and a review of the compensation package. Any salary increases and/or bonuses are completely at the discretion of the LMC Board of Directors based on the financial condition of LMC and recommendations of the CEO.

Application instructions: Please apply or inquire in writing about this position by July 31, 2020 preferably to (with subject line “DMO Position”), or to the address above. Late applications may be considered.

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