2020 May Prayer Guide (Download by clicking)

Liebenzell Mission special prayer requests, updated April 30, 2020

The world continues to try and deal with the many challenges brought on by the novel Coronavirus . We are praying for affected people in Canada and around the world. In particular, we pray for wisdom for politicians in charge, government offices and churches and for strength for those who work on the front lines in the health care system.

This tense situation is also impacting the mission work. Entry requirements have been sharpened, travel limited and meetings cancelled. Our missionaries in the underdeveloped parts of the world are mostly on their own. All LM events have been cancelled until further notice.

Please pray as we ponder how we can continue to serve people in the congregations, whether by phone, the internet or practical help. Also pray that neither panic nor despondency will carry the day, but that God might use this crisis to reach people.


Please pray for the remaining family of missionary candidates (Masquiren) who are scheduled to return to Switzerland on Thursday, May 7th. Please pray that their flight will go as scheduled and that they will be kept safe from infection or accident while they travel home.