2017 December Prayer Guide (Download by clicking)

Liebenzell Mission special prayer requests, updated December 11, 2017


On December 9th, we received the sad news that our missionary Gerd Strauss died unexpectedly in Japan. He was 52 years old. Gerd had a strong flu last week, but it did not seem to be very worrying. At dinner, he complained of shortness of breath. His wife Heike immediately called the emergency doctor, who tried to resuscitate him without succuss and Gerd died at home. Now Gerd is with his king, whom he loved and served. We wish to our loved ones the consolation of the verse regarding the Advent season:”Behold, thy king cometh unto thee, a righteous man and a helper” (Sakhariah 9:9).
Gerd leaves his wife and three children. Since 1996, the Strauß family has been on mission in Japan. In recent years, they have been working for the people who, after the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, are still living in transitional settlements in northeastern Japan. He stood in a practical way at the side of men and taught them the hope of an eternal life with God, which he is now allowed to see for himself.
Please pray for Heike Strauss, the children and Gerd Strauß’s mother for comfort, support and security.