Working with Others

Did you know that Liebenzell recruits, disciples, trains, and supplies dozens of short-term missionaries to multiple Christian organizations in Ontario every year?

young_manIn Moffat, Ontario we have a retreat and training centre (Liebenzell Centre) that has hosted thousands of Christian workers and lay-people over the years – particularly from ethnic groups. In the changing face of Canadian ministry, with many immigrant pastors who serve those who have immigrated to Canada, the fields are indeed ripe for the harvest. However, the resources these workers have to both grow in their faith and rejuvenate their souls are limited.

Enter the Liebenzell Centre, a place where those that are serving our poorest communities can be encouraged and find rest, spiritual renewal, and the ability to get ready for the next season of ministry. The Liebenzell Centre does not charge for the use of its facilities and thus cost is not a barrier to coming. LMC has learned of many non-Christians who came to an event at the Liebenzell Centre for a “free getaway in the country”, and became Christians through an encounter with the living God while there. Costs of running the Liebenzell Centre are only covered by donations from those who see this property as a valuable place where much equipping, enhancing, and evangelizing takes place. Click here to support the Liebenzell Centre.