Equipping Workers

Liebenzell has been blessed to have two properties in Ontario to train, develop, disciple, and bear witness to Christ’s name. The Liebenzell Centre in Moffat, Ontario, provides a site for churches and other groups to attend christian retreats while experiencing the glory of God’s creation.

man_with_studentsJust west of downtown Toronto on Harvard Avenue, we have Liebenzell House, where more than 20 international students and missionary candidates spend 6-10 months each year being equipped – studying, training, and learning how to share their faith in word and deed. Click here to support Liebenzell House and the work of equipping future missionaries, pastors, and lay-leaders.

In addition to the programs above, over 20 young people from Germany come to Canada each year for a one-year short-term mission assignment under the joint direction of Liebenzeller Mission in Germany and  Liebenzell Mission of Canada. While in Canada, they are assigned to serve in one or more Christian ministries in Ontario (click here to see how we enhance other ministries).