“At the heart of Liebenzell is a desire to share the gospel with the world”

Liebenzell Mission of Canada believes that one of the pivotal roles the church plays as we wait for the second coming is as evangelists. In Matthew 28: 18-20 we receive the great commission from Jesus before his ascension to heaven. Because of the good news we have received, it is imperative that we work to share it with those directly around us and those farther away.

It is with this in mind that Liebenzell Mission of Canada holds Evangelism to be one of the vital components of all its activities in Canada and around the world. Domestically evangelism training takes place at the Liebenzell Centre and at Liebenzell House. Outside of this training, Liebenzell Missionaries work with all kinds of groups in the GTA, and we continue to work with partner ministries across southern Ontario to bring the gospel to those that haven’t heard it. Globally, Liebenzell has missions in 25 countries, with about 250 missionaries (some of whom are Canadian) who preach, teach, disciple, and plant churches so that many people in those countries come to faith in Jesus Christ, and grow in it as well.

All of Liebenzell’s activity in evangelism in Canada and around the world relies on donations from supporters. To support a Liebenzell missionary, or the general work of evangelism that Liebenzell does, please click here.