Get Involved

 And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” – Mark 1:17

How you can get involved:


Contact the Liebenzell Canada office by phone or email to talk to our personnel about opportunities for you to get involved in transformational ministry opportunities. Click here for contact information.


Prayer is the beginning, middle, and end for all we do. Only through God’s presence and power will people’s lives be touched and transformed, influencing whole communities and nations. So we need you to pray! You can click here to see current prayer requests and to download a copy of our prayer guide.


Liebenzell Mission of Canada depends on donations in order to keep our programs running. We make every effort to keep administration costs as low as possible so that the majority of donations will go to our programs and projects. For information on how finances are used, please give us a call.

How can I give?

  • By clicking on one of our “Donate Today” buttons throughout the website (which will take you to our Canada Helps donation page)
  • Set up automatic withdrawal through your bank (for regular donations)
  • Send a cheque by mail; hand deliver cash to the Liebenzell office.

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Official receipts for tax purposes will be sent early in the New Year.

How do I know my money will be used for something worthwhile?

Liebenzell Canada is a “faith” mission, relying solely on the free will gifts of faithful supporters. Spending of funds is confined to Board-approved programs and purchases. Each gift designated towards an approved program will be used as designated, with the understanding that when the need is met, designated gifts will be used where most needed. Liebenzell is an accountable member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC).