“Proclaiming the Gospel of peace in Canada and around the world”

Liebenzell Mission of Canada wants to equip and send missionaries locally and around the world to spread the good news of Jesus’ life death and ressurection. It is an integral part of our mission and the work we do.

250 Missionaries

250 Missionaries around the world faithfully following our Lord's great commission!

25 Countries

25 countries representing all continents and the world's largest language groups!

Sending Practices:

Missionaries sent out by Liebenzell Mission of Canada work as part of international teams on LMI (Liebenzell Mission International) approved mission fields, with an elected Field Leader who helps the team: support each other, establish goals, and work towards mission field objectives. Field leaders are accountable to the International Coordinator, elected by the joint ministries representatives of LMI. This international Management Committee meets yearly and consults regularly throughout the year regarding joint international efforts.


Before sending, Liebenzell Mission of Canada uses our facilities within Canada to disciple and equip prospective missionaries. The Liebenzell Retreat Centre and Liebenzell House in Toronto act as our means of bringing about the training and equipping necessary.

Want to Go?

Liebenzell Mission of Canada wants to support the possibility of you being able to join our missionaries overseas. If you’ve prayerfully considered this and feel it may be the right step we’d love for you to reach out to us and we can help you find somewhere to serve! Message us using our contact page here.