“We fulfill our ministry goals through ‘Triple E Ministry'”


The first “E” is our equipping of people for various kinds of ministry. Liebenzell Mission of canada is involved in many kinds of ministry, whether that be locally in canada or overseas in other countries. We want to equip Christians with the training, development and spiritual discipleship they need to be those who are truly and authentically giving their lives to Christ. Read more here.


The second “E” in our ministry is our enhancing of partner ministries in the work of God’s Kingdom. As a mission we understand the importance of supporting other Christian workers and we use our facilities and time to be a place that supports and lifts up those other christian organizations. Read more here.


The third “E” in our ministry in evangelizing. Here we come to the heart of Liebenzell Mission of Canada. At our core we are a mission that seeks the proclamation of the name above all names, that of Jesus Christ, to all nations and peoples. So wherever it may be as we equip and enhance, by the grace of God we always have evangelism in mind. Read more here.

Young Adults

Our ministry is for all people but, Liebenzell Mission of Canada also understands the importance of involving youth and young adults in ministry, due to this we want to specifically support them in a multitude of different ways. Read more here.